The book

Isles of the Aegean is the account of V.C. Scott O’Connor’s journey through the islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean during the late-1920s.

It was first published as a hard-back edition in 1929. It ran to 384 pages and included 83 monochrome photographic illustrations, many by the photographer Frederic Boissonnas, and 8 colour plates of the work of the Russian impressionist, Nikolaos Himonas. The introduction to the book was written by Prince Nicholas of Greece.

Original copies of the book are now exceedingly rare and often change hands for large amounts of money.

The free e-book edition

coverWe felt that such an important cultural and historical work was worthy of a sympathetic restoration and relaunch to make it available to today’s readers and travellers. To that end, we developed the digital edition of Isles of the Aegean. Our edition is a true, re-flowable e-book, not a fixed-format PDF copy of the original books. We’ve lovingly digitised the content to produce a high-quality e-book that you can load onto your preferred reading device – iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle or any other e-reader capable of handling books in the industry-standard EPUB format. The photographic illustrations and plates have all been digitised and carefully processed to remove defects present in the original book.

The e-book incorporates our click•book technology – a novel concept combining travel and travel literature into an adventure that puts you into the shoes of the author — you’ll feel like travel companions on the same exciting journey. In this series, we’ve taken the best of the travel literature genre and used them as itineraries that will turn your trips into adventures.

The e-book itself is only part of the story — the other part is on this companion website, intimately interwoven with the book, growing organically as more readers add their own stories, comments, experiences and pictures.

The e-book is perfect for taking with you on your travels in the Cyclades, certainly because of the reduced weight essential for today’s air travellers, but also because most e-book readers have the ability to bookmark pages, highlight text and add your own notes to sections of the text. You can plan your trip while at home by bookmarking and highlighting sections to re-read while you are in the island and adding notes to remind you about something you must do, or look for, or take a photograph of while you are there.

We’ve made improvements, which, together with the e-reader’s navigation, bookmarking and note-making, have made the book more usable for the casual reader, the traveller and those with a more scholarly interest in VC’s writings. It’s now a much more enjoyable read for everyone.

  • We’ve added an active, tappable/clickable, table of contents for the overall book.
  • We’ve added links back to this website to augment the contents of the book providing maps, photographs, articles on places visited by VC.
  • Where this companion website expands upon a topic in the book in some detail, we’ve included a click•book icon in the book that will take you seamlessly to the relevant page of this website.
  • To illustrate the geographic area being discussed by VC, we’ve added hyperlinks to interactive maps on this companion website which you can scroll, enlarge or shrink.
  • We’ve included side panels containing additional material that we feel is best presented within the flow of the book itself rather than as a clickable web link. Some side panels contain hyperlinks to the companion website, or to external websites, to further expand upon the material presented in the side panel.
  • VC’s book is peppered with references to people, Greek mythology, places, historical events etc. To help you achieve maximum enjoyment from the e-book, we’ve hyperlinked these references to various websites so that a simple click or tap will take you quickly to information on the particular subject.
  • VC liked to include snippets in Greek, French, Latin and other languages in his writings, for which we’ve attempted to provide a translation.

Join the adventure

Join the adventure – become a contributor to the companion website and help us track down further information and photographs related to VC’s travels in the Cyclades. You can create a blog post describing your findings, your adventure, relevant people you met etc. You can upload photographs attached to your blog post. Your blog post will available for all visitors to the site to view and comment on. If your post contains key information, we’ll include it in the main page for the island, and include an accreditation to you. Anything relevant to VC, the book and his journeys, and Greece, its history, its people and its customs, will all be welcome.

Research and contribute to this websiteThe ‘spy-glass’ icons on the website pages indicate areas of research that are of particular interest, and we would love to receive any information you may be able to discover in your travels.