VC’s Descendants

This post has been created to attempt to find out more about the descendants of V. C. Scott O’Connor. If you can provide any further information, please reply to this post or leave a comment.

VC’s family life had been stricken by tragedy in the late 1920s when two of his sons, Desmond and Vincent, died followed shortly by his wife Dora in 1930.

His remaining son Hugh lived until 1978 and seems to have had a distinguished army career reaching the rank of Colonel by 1944. Hugh had dropped the use of his paternal grandmother’s name of ‘Scott’ and styled himself ‘Hugh Mansfield O’Connor’, retaining just his mother’s maiden name.

Hugh married Helen Douglas some time before or during World War II and Hugh’s army position clearly took the couple abroad during the war as witnessed by the overseas births of their daughters. Mary Anne Mansfield O’Connor was born in Bermuda on 21st January 1943. Susan Mansfield O’Connor was born in Washington, U.S.A on 30th October 1944.

Again – tragedy struck the family. On 26th February 1949, Hugh’s wife Helen died after eight weeks in hospital in London aged only 33. The children were just 6 and 4 years old. Helen was buried in St. Mary’s Churchyard near their home at Glebe House, Little Hormead in Hertfordshire.

The grave of Helen O'Connor
beloved wife of
mother of
She was lovely in
all her ways

Hugh Mansfield O’Connor died in Bath, Avon in September 1978.

It is believed his 2 daughters Mary and Susan are still living but we can find no direct information about them or their descendants.

If you can provide any further information, please reply to this post leave a comment. Thank you.

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